Hourglass Lilly Dresses

If you are a fashionista that strives to look completely chic, yet comfort is a top priority, then Hourglass Lilly by Frenzii is your brand! Born in Seoul, Korea, Jully Kang, decided over 15 years ago to start designing a clothing line made for the modern, youthful woman. Her father, a seamstress and pattern maker, urged her to get her company up and rolling. With the California living lifestyle in mind, Jully Kang made dresses that epitomized the words comfortable, classic, and effortless. Hourglass Lilly is a branch of the Frenzii line that has a lower price point, yet the same, great, handpicked quality.

Dresses made from the softest, lightweight materials in beautiful hues of the rainbow and easy to wear prints, are staple pieces in the Hourglass Lilly line by Frenzii. Jully Kang hand selects each fabric to ensure the quality of each dress is top notch. What matters most to Kang is that women feel great about wearing her dresses! We all know that if we are not comfortable in our outfits then it shows on our faces and in our body language! What better way to cure that ailment than by wearing a dress by Hourglass Lilly. You are sure to feel amazing in the silky soft fabrics, stunning in the striking colors and prints, and overall fun and flirty in a game day or sorority dress that can transition from day to night with a flip of a switch!
Hourglass Lilly logo

The Sleeveless Shift - Maroon
Hourglass Lilly 667MOLMAR


The Classic Halter - Black
Hourglass Lilly 677MOLBLK


Rowdy in Red Pico Dress
Hourglass Lilly 667PDTRDWHT


The Goldenrod Dress
Hourglass Lilly 2824SEAWHTGLD

$48.00 / $35.00

The Stacked Stripe Dress
Hourglass Lilly 606EQLCRLIVY


The Swing Tank - Eggplant
Hourglass Lilly 3012MOLEGG

$38.00 / $25.00

The Blush Chevon Shift
Hourglass Lilly 670PSEACRLWHT


The Paige Dress
Hourglass Lilly 681BEABLKWHT


Long Sleeve Skater Dress - Grey
Hourglass Lilly 671RAJHEAGY


Long Sleeve Swing Staple Dress - Red
Hourglass Lilly 671MOLRED


Swing Me Top
Hourglass Lilly 3012SEAWHTGRY


Front Tie Stripe Tank
Hourglass Lilly 604EQLNVYOAT


The Classic Shift - Black
Hourglass Lilly 606MOLBLK


The Classic Shift - Red
Hourglass Lilly 606MOLRED


The Sleeveless Shift - Black
Hourglass Lilly 667PMOLBLA


The Classic Black Maxi
Hourglass Lilly 2329MOLBLK


The Sleeve Shift - Black
Hourglass Lilly 670MOLBLK


Palm Print Dolman Top - Grey
Hourglass Lilly 208AFRNGRY

$42.00 / $25.00

The Classic Navy Maxi
Hourglass Lilly 2329MOLNVY


Classic Black Tank
Hourglass Lilly 1726MOLBLK


Classic White Tank
Hourglass Lilly 1726MOLWHT


Classic Navy Tank
Hourglass Lilly 1726MOLNVY


Poncho Top - Coral
Hourglass Lilly 208AMOLCRL


Classic Grey Tank
Hourglass Lilly 1726MOLGRY


The Rainforest Shift
Hourglass Lilly 670PCRVNVYWHT


Poncho Top - Black
Hourglass Lilly 208AMOLBLK


Cross My Heart Dress - Black
Hourglass Lilly 598MOLBLK


The Good Fight Maxi
Hourglass Lilly 2329DIGREDBLK


Manufacturer: Hourglass Lilly