Georgia Gameday Dresses

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In the quaint little town of Athens, the University of Georgia is the main focus. It is as if the city was built around the college in order to serve the students, staff, alumni, and visitors with shopping, dining, and a fabulous night life. With a student body totaling near 35,000, there is never a dull moment in College Town! The mascot is Uga and has been since 1956. All English bulldogs come from the same lineage and owner, Sonny Seiler. Currently on Uga IX which will be shown during the first season game in 2012!

Claiming to be the oldest public university in the United States, the Georgia Bulldogs are one of many schools who think they own this title. The University of Georgia had plans in the works in 1785 by the General Assembly who wanted to put it on 40,000 acres of land. In 1799, the decision was made to open a the university although by this time, most of the 40,000 acres had been sold to raise money to start the school. On the edge of the Oconee River in Athens, a plot of land measuring 633 acres was chosen as the spot to build the campus. At first only men were allowed to attend the college full time while women could take a few classes. Eventually, in 1918, women were allowed to attend Georgia as full time undergraduates. Years later, Georgia moved forward with the admittance of African American Students in 1961. The student body is what it is today because of the Hope Scholarship. This scholarship allows in state students to attend the college tuition free as long as a 3.0 grade point average is maintained. The Hope Scholarship gives opportunities for students to attend a top ranking university and helps in the growth of the UGA's academic and athletic programs.

There are sixteen colleges and schools at the University of Georgia. These schools and colleges include: the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, the Terry College of Business, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Eugene P. Odum School of Ecology, the School of Social Work, the College of Education, the School of Public and International Affairs, the College of Environment and Design, the College of Public Health, the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, the College of Pharmacy, the Daniel B. Warnell school of Forestry and Natural Resources, the School of Law, the Graduate School, and the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Since the University of Georgia is part of the American Association of Universities, the school must be a force in the world of research. On and off campus there are quite a few centers for research. For Example, the Zell B. Miller Learning Center which houses huge technologically advanced classrooms and an electronic library. Other centers are the Paul D. Coverdell Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences, the Artificial Intelligence Center, the University of Georgia Marine Institute, and the Coastal Plain Research Arboretum.

Georgia Bulldogs